Is Your Family Going Through a Difficult Breakdown?

There is no doubt at all that the effect of divorce, child custody battles, and family breakdown on children is significant. Many marriages end in divorce and this has a dramatic impact on many children and teenagers. They will often feel isolated, angry, guilty, and resentful. In many cases, they may even feel such despair that they withdraw completely from normal activities and emotional interactions.

How Can a Lawyer Help You?

Whether you are in the process of filing for a divorce, are involved in a child custody battle, or need to set up child support payments, hiring one of the experienced family law solicitors in Sydney can make everything less stressful. While all family breakdowns are emotionally traumatic at some level, a lawyer can help to smooth things out.

Here are some ways in which a lawyer can help you during a family breakdown:

  • Divorce: Divorce is the legal dissolution of a marriage and it requires the filing of papers that are in correct order. Sometimes this part of the process can trip people up and become difficult, which is where experienced lawyers can help. They can manage the filing process for the divorce and ensure that everything is in order so that there are no problems.
  • Settlement: When two people divorce, there is a lot of complexity around splitting debts, assets, and so on. This is a situation that can become incredibly difficult and stressful for the participants and often ends in bitter acrimony. A family lawyers can help to provide advice; manage the settlement of property, assets, and debts; and set up professional mediation if required.
  • Child Custody and Support: When two people have children together, there is an added level of complexity around ensuring that the children are in the custody of a guardian or parent. In these cases, the family legal professional will always prioritise the emotional and material needs of the children, even if it means placing them in the custody of a grandparent or another family member.
  • Domestic Violence: It is an unfortunate pox on society that there are many cases of abuse and domestic violence. It is a highly charged area and requires an experienced lawyer with a steady hand. In cases where an abused partner is seeking to divorce from a violent partner and wants to set up an AVO or restraining order, he or she must seek the legal counsel of experienced lawyers. They can help to file the papers for the order and represent the abused partner in court where legal action may be taken against the violent or abusive party.

Seeking the Very Best Legal Advice Possible

Family breakdowns are emotional roller coasters and are multi-faceted cases. The experience and skilled handling of a good family lawyer can make these cases smoother and create an environment where the people involved can more easily move on with their lives. In this context, family lawyers are a real boon for any community.

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Jovany Maxwell