What are the Rights of Hit and Run Victims?

Road accident of any kind is devastating for people involved in it. However, hit and run incidents can leave the victim in an unwarranted condition. In the United States, over three million people get injured in car crashes each year. Some cases are hit and run accidents, and the at-fault driver fled the site of the incident. In hit and run cases, it’s hard to identify the at-fault driver and establish the liability. In case the victim sustains a severe injury or property damage, it can be hard for them to pursue legal action. Instead of taking matters in your own hands, always consult personal injury lawyer Virginia.

If you have been in a hit and run accident, here is what you should do after the accident.

Accidents are in itself unsettling for the victims. And when it’s a hit and run case, it becomes a challenge for the victim to get necessary details like the vehicle number and driver’s information. Your first thought, however, should be tending to your injuries. Seek medical help immediately after getting into a hit and run crash. You should then record your accident with the appropriate authority and provide them every detail about the crash. Right from the model of the vehicle to its color, description of the driver to the number plate, provide as much information about the accident as possible. Often, road rages and accidents get captured in the CCTV cameras that can come handy in finding out the at fault-drivers in such cases. You must collect such evidence.

Many lawyers at personal injury law firm Virginia Beach as asked what happens after the hit and run drivers are found. What should the victim do after the at-fault driver is tracked down? How to prove the liability of the driver?

In a hit and run accident, the victim is entitled to compensation for damages and injuries. The victim can claim damage awards for medical bills, loss of wage, trauma, pain, and other punitive damages from the at-fault driver. The drivers could be uninsured or underinsured at the time of been located, which can adversely affect your settlement payout.

In cases of hit and run accidents, the state laws are referred to determine auto insurance. In states with at-fault law, the victims are paid for their losses either by their uninsured motorist car insurance coverage or the at-fault party.

If you have met with a hit and run accident in a no-fault state, you can claim for the losses and damages from your own personal injury protection insurance or no-fault insurance.

Many a time, the at-fault driver doesn’t get tracked. In such a situation, the victim has certain options to recover compensation. The victims can claim damage recovery from their own insurance company. Every state in the USA has its own auto insurance regulations. In most cases, the victim’s insurance company has to present UIM.

It’s often seen that the insurance companies with UIM coverage refuse to compensate or cover the loss.  The victim can sue the insurance company for failing to fulfill the duties of the accident victims.



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