When to Lawyer up – Workers’ Compensation

Not all work-related injury cases need the attention of a workers’ compensation lawyer. This is especially true when the employer or their insurance companies are not denying the claim. However, if the case is disputed, and there is a need for an appeal, then one will most certainly need to lawyer up. The appeal process is often very complicated that many employees choose to give up.

If you find yourself in a situation where your employer and its insurance company are disputing your injury claims, then it’s best to call a Snow Carpio&Weekley lawyer. But this is not the only time when you need to lawyer up. Here are some other instances when getting a lawyer is the best decision:

You’re dealing with the insurance company

You need to have a lawyer by your side whenever you have a dispute with an insurer. First, it will send the message that litigation is a possibility, and will make them want to listen to you and your needs. Second, it will help you stand a chance, considering a lawyer has the necessary legal skill and knowledge to challenge the position of the insurer.

Your claim is denied

There are different reasons why insurance companies can deny a claim, for instance, if the injury is not work-related or if you failed to file within the time provided by the statute of limitation. While these are justifiable reasons, there are times when the denial is plain dubious. In such cases, having a lawyer will help you build a strong claim against the insurance, and ensure that you get the best possible outcome. The lawyer will also offer you legal advice regarding the best course of action.

You are denied the permanent disability benefit

A significant amount of workers’ compensation awards and settlement are for permanent disability benefits (often calculated according to permanent disability rating). If the insurer refuses to agree with the permanent disability rating given by your healthcare provider, they may need you to go through another assessment with a physician of their choice. Unfortunately, it’s likely that this doctor will give a lower disability rating. Lawyering up is the best way to ensure you get a fair settlement or convince the judge that you are eligible to the higher disability rating.

You are faced with huge medical bills

Insurance providers usually delay- or deny approving expensive treatment costs, like surgery. A workers’ compensation attorney can place pressure on the insurer to confirm necessary medical treatment promptly.

You have a preexisting condition or injury

If you have another condition or injury on the same body part that sustained an injury at work, then you’ll have a tough battle with the insurance provider. They will try to pin your injury to your preexisting condition rather than work-related activities – especially if the condition has been ongoing for a while. The best way to defend your claim is by having a knowledgeable and dedicated lawyer by your side.

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