5 Mistakes that can hurt your Auto Accident Lawsuit

Vehicle accident cases that involve personal injury can be tedious, confusing, and stressful. Thus, a victim of an auto accident shouldn’t handle their personal injury lawsuit without the help of an experienced attorney. Remember, a reliable personal injury attorney in Toledo can guide you in the right direction and make sure that you do not make some mistakes that can hurt your claim.

Some of the mistakes that can put dents in your case include;

1. False information

Lying about any issue pertaining to your case is against the law, and it will definitely impact your case. The law requires you to tell the truth to your attorney, insurance service provider, under oath, and even in all the documents, you provide.

Insurance companies and defense lawyers might decide to conduct surveillance of you or even hire a private investigator to get details that can cripple your claim. That means it will be very difficult to get away with lying in any personal injury lawsuit.

2. Errors in paperwork

Making mistakes when filling in insurance forms and other important legal paperwork can harm your lawsuit significantly. For instance, your right to no-fault insurance coverage can be denied because of a simple error like misspelling your name. Always make sure that everything is 100 percent correct before you submit any paperwork to the insurance company or to the company.

3. Taking your case conversations to social media

Conversing about your case details should be limited to your attorney and perhaps a few people you trust fully. If the defense attorney asks you anything at all, refer them to your attorney. Besides, you should avoid posting any detail related to your case on social media.

While it is tempting to take your frustrations to social media, it is a huge mistake that can affect your case negatively. The defendant and everyone helping them will dig into your social media in search for something they can use against you, and these individuals can be crafty when it comes to twisting your photographs and words associated with your social media posts.

4. Failure to learn your legal options

One of the common mistakes that most victims of vehicle accidents make is signing away on anything related to their lawsuits without consulting with an experienced attorney. The at-fault entity’s insurer might want you to sign for something like a release of your healthcare records. First, this is a violation of the law, and secondly, it is an avenue for the defendant’s attorney to fabricate ‘dents’ in your lawsuit. Therefore, you shouldn’t sign any paperwork unless your attorney tells you it is safe to do so.

5. Failure to seek medical attention in time

Failure to seek or seeking medical attention when it’s too late can harm your case. Even if you feel alright immediately after an accident, consider seeking a doctor’s opinion about your overall health. Failure to seek medical attention will weaken your case, and that means you might not get compensated.

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