Incredible Tips to Help You Select Art for Senior Living

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Art is considered part of every culture across the globe. One can easily transition the senior living space by using paintings, photographs, and other types of artwork. Artwork helps make their living rooms become more appealing and comfortable to live in. Art for senior care facilities also helps develop new forms of self-awareness among the seniors in the community.

Easy tips on how to integrate art at senior care facilities

1.   Choose fine art with high contrast

Some residents living in senior care facilities may have reduced eyesight. They can have problems differentiating between abstract paintings and muted ones. For this case, you will need to choose artwork with high contrast. This will be much easier for the eyes and help bring energy into the living space. While selecting the painting, you must consider the shapes and colors’ intensity and boldness. Art helps create a cohesive feeling in the living room. Choosing a complementary color palette with some incredible textures is the ideal thing to do. Neutral color palettes can also be used in the senior living space.

2.   Create an art gallery with a resident art program

You can easily select art made in your community by using the resident’s artwork in your design. The rotating gallery wall can be used to showcase the work. You can also consider getting the artwork from the local artists. This will, in turn, help promote a good connection with the local community.

3.   Decorate the living space with familiar things

Decorating the living spaces with art helps make the place feel more like home. Most interior designers in senior living facilities consider having many familiar pieces and elements. These pieces may include coffee tables, side tables, and even chairs. Having ordinary things in the living space helps the senior feel more comfortable there.

Some of the benefits of artwork in senior care facilities include:

1)   Better memory

One of the common issues senior citizens face is memory loss. Art is a healthy way for senior citizens to remember some of the daily tasks they must complete. Art greatly helps boost cognitive function in some parts of the brain. It becomes much easier to stir dormant memories, which helps encourage speech.

2)   Improved mood

The artwork also helps reduce feelings of depression, stress, and anxiety in seniors. Most studies show that aging can cause hearing and vision loss, which may cause seniors to feel stressed. Art therapy helps them relax, making it easier to develop positive feelings.

3)   Greater self-expression

Seniors may have challenges with verbal communication, which may result from mental problems. Artwork can be used to boost their verbal communication. A professional therapist can easily guide them toward expressing themselves more freely. When seniors have greater self-expression, it becomes much easier for them to communicate with their caregivers and loved ones.

4)   Enhances social interactions

During the art therapy sessions, the seniors can easily interact. Social interactions help eliminate isolation, thus improving their mental health. Some of the seniors can also regain verbal communication while interacting with others.

5)   Fun moments

Artwork helps provide therapeutic effects for seniors. Some crafting, painting, drawing, and pottery opportunities help create fun moments with the seniors. They will find it more fun to engage in the activities.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, there are various tips for choosing artwork for senior care facilities. The article has given an overview of some factors one can consider. It has also illustrated some of the benefits of painting to seniors. It now becomes much easier for seniors to remember their golden years through the beauty of art.

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