Knowing your options in jail

In my youth, I was a bit of a trouble maker. Which lead me into all sorts of run ins with the law. Though I’m not proud to admit that, I have defiantly learned a thing or two about how the process works, when it comes to being arrested. The last and hopefully final time, I had been behind bars, I met a woman. It was clearly her first time being incarcerated. Her face was red and flushed with tears, on able to be consoled when she exhausted herself completely. This wasn’t anything new to me, I have seen it before a few times. But, for some reason I felt to help her.

I won’t go into detail, but it was her first time being arrested and it was very overwhelming. On top of that she was scared she would be fired, because she could not meet bail and it would destroy her whole life. Now not being my first run in with handling bail, I instructed her on what to do. I was surprised that a bail bondsmen was not here first order of business. Though from her current state, it was not surprising that she wasn’t thinking straight. So, I will tell you what I told her, In the hope it will help you the same.

People tend to be shocked when they hear how mush bail will cost. Bail is supposed to high, in order for you to come back to your trial. In fact, sometimes you won’t even be offered bail in certain situations. But, that was not the case for this woman. That’s why you see so many bail bond companies near county jails. It is just what normally happens. I further explained that you can reach out to them and they will walk you through the whole process and make sure you get out as quick as possible.

Recommending Bail Bonds Pearland TX, I gave her some pretty basic information that is not quite common. For starters, they will not cover the full bail amount, you have to cover a portion yourself, which most can handle or have someone post for them.

Next, you will have to pay them. It is like any standard loan you at a bank. Though the interest rate is a bit too high at some places, compared to banks. Though the one I recommended was pretty fair and they will help you find a payment plan to help you not drown financially. I though it is important you pay, or have your car repossessed like I had when I didn’t make payments once.

Once I explained this to her, she seemed to perk up a bit and a few hours later she was released. I don’t know what happened to her, but I know it was better than staying there.

So, if you ever happen to find yourself in the same situation as this woman, I hope this information can help you as it did her. The best piece of advice I can give, is stay calm and look at your options.

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Jovany Maxwell