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Any court battle is difficult. It’s something that takes weeks, months, sometimes years out of your life to settle, with high stakes being debated in a highly contentious setting. That’s true of any court battle, of course, but that’s especially true of divorce cases. It’s one thing to have to face down an opposing side during a protracted legal battle; it’s quite another thing when the person you’re facing on that opposing side is someone whom you’ve known for decades. Going from sitting around the dinner table during the holidays to facing off in a courtroom is a challenging transition, which is why you’re going to want a legal team that’s up to the challenge.

That’s why you’ll want to look into hiring the best divorce lawyers in Melbourne.

Defending Your Rights

When you contact the best divorce attorneys in the Melbourne area, you’ll be invited to sit down to a consultation, during which time you’ll be able to go over the particulars of your case. As stated, part of what makes divorce cases so difficult is the fact that they are, by their very nature, incredibly personal and thus highly personalised. No two cases are the same, and you’ll thus want a legal team that doesn’t merely treat you like another divorce case to settle, but someone with personal past and present with an eye towards the future. They will work to defend your rights at every turn, vociferously advocating for you at every point during a trial to prove the rightness of your case.

Amicable Negotiations

For as important as it is to make sure that your rights are defended loudly and fiercely, some moments call for more of the carrot than the stick. What’s more, if you are on relatively good terms with your ex, and you want to secure an amicable separation, you’re likewise going to want help from an attorney trained in walking that tightrope. The best divorce attorneys in the Melbourne area know how pull off that double act admirably, blending calm negotiation with fierce representation to produce the best results.

Child Custody and Support

If one thing has the capacity to make a divorce hearing even more contentious than it is already bound to be, it’s the question of custody. We all want what’s best for our children, but the question of what that might look like can lead to some of the bitterest courtroom battles one can imagine. You do not want to be separated from your child; you want to remain a part of their life with partial or full custody. The best divorce lawyers working in the Melbourne area will thus work with you to prove your fitness as a guardian by citing everything from your personal character to your financial solvency to your love for your child.

What’s more, if you are seeking child support, divorce lawyers can be essential. Just because someone has divorced you does not mean that they have divorced themselves from their financial responsibilities towards your child. A divorce lawyer can ensure that you get the child support to which you are entitled.

Get great family law representation today with Melbourne’s best divorce lawyers.

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