How to Advance Your Legal Career

When a job search goes on too long, it can hurt your self-esteem. What started as a self-assured project has amounted to a nervous and disappointed undertaking. Sure, you’ve had call backs and interviews, but you’ve never managed to get past that step. Instead, you’ve been told that you’re not right for the job time and time again. It’s too easy to start internalizing what you hear and thinking that you’re missing critical credentials, experience, or skillset for the various positions in Toronto. But sometimes, it’s not what’s missing on your CV that’s setting you back.

More than likely, your resume will look very similar to those luckier candidates who have been stealing your positions. But they still have something that you don’t have, and it’s not something in their profile. Rather, it’s the way they go about applying for legal positions in the city. Instead of doing it on their own, they’re getting help from the city’s finest.

In some cases, job hopefuls are using a sponsor to advance their legal career. A sponsor is unlike a mentor who provides assistance and guidance on special projects. A sponsor is a person who would petition a partnership on your behalf when your annual review comes up, suggesting you deserve advancement within the firm. Since it’s their word on the line, you have to give them a reason to trust the quality of your work. The role of sponsors when creating a partnership can handle the political side of receiving a promotion.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a sponsor. Many of your fellow (successful) job seekers don’t either. What they do have is a reputable legal recruitment agency on their side. The best legal recruiters Toronto legal professionals use can make any job search successful. They have contacts with some of the biggest firms in the city, and they speak them with on a constant basis to deepen their understanding of the current legal job market in Toronto. With this intimate knowledge of what an employee needs, they can tailor your application and interview techniques to match their requirements.

When you’re properly prepared, your job search can go a lot easier. Instead of completing interview after interview with no results, you’ll land a job. Make sure you’re ready to take on the next interview by consulting with a legal recruiter in Toronto. Their connections and expertise will put you ahead of the pack so finally you’re the one picked.

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Jovany Maxwell