How to Reduce Stress in Your Divorce

It isn’t hard to understand why some people will do anything they can to make their divorce be over and done with as quickly as possible. No one likes going through the process of watching something you thought would last forever fall apart. Some will do whatever they can to make that divorce as cheap as they can, looking to save a few bucks by going the fast and inexpensive way. If children are involved it can get complicated. If the two that are in the process of a divorce are at a point where they can’t even be in the same room, it can get ugly real fast.

It isn’t hard to understand how many people will view divorce as a battle, with one partner pitted against the other in deadly combat until the final victor emerges. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Especially if the two are willing to work on a divorce that is less stressful and more cooperative. There are lawyers that specialize in this type of divorce, often called a collaborative divorce. Ken Phillips specializes in collaborative divorce and is a good example of a local lawyer who can reduce the stress of a divorce. What other ways can you make divorce less stressful? Here are some ideas to consider.

Enter into Mediation

This was once seen as only viable if both parties were having a stress-free divorce or if it was court ordered. Today more and more couples are heading into mediation to reduce stress for both themselves and their children. Instead of fighting over issues, you will have a chance to negotiate what you need from the divorce. Many feel that this method will allow them to be heard and give them an opportunity in a neutral location to voice their needs.

Consider a Collaborative Divorce

This can include mediation but in the long run it really means that the couple will work together to come to an agreement. Many prefer it as it will mean keeping the divorce out of divorce court. It can lower fees, be less combative and also makes it easier on the kids in the long run. If you feel that you can still talk calmly to your partner, then this is a good option to consider.

Take Care of Emotional Needs

Often when we are going through the first steps of a divorce we put aside our own emotions. We think that we can keep them bottled up until the divorce is final, and that can lead to even greater stress. If you can, find a support group in your area to help you get through the worst of the situation.  Nothing quite beats having a group of people who have gone through your situation for finding a sympathetic ear. Better to lose your temper here than while in court.

Nurture Yourself Physically and Emotionally

It might be a simple thing like taking that yoga class you have been promising yourself for some time now. For others, it might mean taking the time to hike with friends in your nearby state park. Whatever it takes to help yourself heal, don’t hesitate to search out friends to give you emotional support. Do indulge in sleep, but don’t use it to hide from the world. Exercise will be important in relieving anger issues before you dump them on your friends, so keep up that gym schedule now more than ever.

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Jovany Maxwell