Injured Workers Comp Claims and Benefits

If you experience illness or other work-related injuries, your employer should pay you the benefits that you are entitled to. There are a lot of ways on how you can get hurt. Major injuries can include events such as getting burned by chemicals while working, you fell and hurt your body, and getting into accidents while you are delivering something for the company.

Companies provide programs and safety measures in order to make sure that their employees do not get hurt. These programs can include training the workers on how to make sure of their safety in construction sites, proper handling of chemicals, regular inspections in the workplace, and making improvements on places that pose threats and unsafe conditions.

However, injuries and accidents can’t be avoided 100%. This is why there is compensation in place so that the laborers will not take the brunt of the damages.

The First Thing to Do After an Injury

When you are on the road or you fell while you were stacking up boxes at work, you need to report it immediately to the management. Failure to report accidents and injuries are often ways of companies to get out of sticky situations. This means that they can deny you the compensation that you deserve if you did not let them know about your situation. You can know more about compensation here. Your employer can also investigate the situation as soon as possible so that they can release the fund for your medical bills quickly.

Another benefit that you can get when you report promptly is you will be given the medical attention that you need to prevent further complications. A company doctor or a third-party affiliate will examine you and declare if you are still fit to work. If you need to stay at the hospital for long periods of time, you have to ensure that the company will shoulder your medical bills and other expenses.

When Things Do Not Go as Planned

So, you are already injured, you are in the hospital and you are having problems with your back. On top of that, you are expecting that the company and the insurance company are already covering your family’s next meal.

The bad news is that things won’t go smoothly just because you expected it. There are sleazy companies who will make sure that they will not spend a cent or insurance agencies that will deny your compensation claims. There are a lot of grounds that they will point out to you just to avoid paying your bills.

This is why companies have lawyers. This is to ensure that they will protect the company from workers who will possibly squeeze money out of them. In these cases, there are work injury lawyers – Ramos Law Firm that can help you with what you need. The lawyers on your side will read the contract, know your rights, and get the degree of compensation that you deserve according to your injury.

If you win, you are entitled to the following:

  • Medical Care – This is the expenses that are paid by the company in full if the injury is caused by neglect on their side or if accidents happen to you while you are working.
  • Benefits for Disabled – This is the daily payment made to you if the injury prevents you from going to work and earning your daily salary.
  • Permanent Injury Benefit – This is a kind of compensation given to workers who are permanently disabled for life due to the accident.
  • Benefits to Supplement the Wages – These are vouchers paid to you if you were not able to recover completely
  • Benefits when Death Occurs – Accidents can lead to death sometimes. If this is the case, your spouse and your children deserve some kind of compensation when you are no longer there to provide for them.

Complicated Paperwork

If your company decide to contest your claims and deny you the benefits that you are entitled to, you can bring the case into a court of appeals. You can know more about the court of appeals here: For this, you need a competent lawyer to represent you. You need witnesses, solid paperwork, and in-depth understanding of the laws regarding workers’ compensation in your state. In order for things to be made easier for you, you can get the lawyers that you need, and they will handle the rest.

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