Issues Commonly Handled by Litigation Lawyers in Melbourne

Litigation lawyers in Melbourne are professionals who represent and protect a client’s interests when there’s a dispute, regardless of whether it’s commercial, civil or criminal in manner. Dealing with legal disputes and litigation can often be difficult, which is why it’s important to choose the right litigation lawyer who can achieve a favourable outcome for your case. The best lawyer will be able to provide you will honest and straightforward answers in order to understand your case in the best way possible. If you’re wondering whether a litigation lawyer will be able to help you with your problem, here are four issues commonly handled by litigation lawyers in Melbourne

 Building Disputes

Litigation lawyers often handle disputes that arise on building sites. Whether you’re a builder, a sub-contractor, an architect, an engineer or a supplier of building supplies, it’s important that you know where you stand if a dispute occurs. This is because building disputes can become a costly issue for all involved. Depending on the terms of your contract, you may be liable for the mistakes of another party, even when they were in the wrong. A litigation lawyer will be able to find the strengths and weaknesses of your case and negotiate on your behalf to settle the dispute with the other party as soon as possible. Litigation lawyers in Melbourne will also apply for injunctions and prepare your case if the matter proceeds to VCAT.

 Debt Recovery

Litigation lawyers can also take on cases involving debt recovery. If someone owes you money, a litigation lawyer can assist by sending them a formal Letter of Demand that clearly sets out the details of the money that’s owed and gives them a deadline that they need to abide by. If the deadline passes and you still haven’t been paid, legal action may need to be taken. Remember to keep any relevant documents or communication, including text messages and emails that may be seen as a legal agreement. These documents could be essential evidence that backs up your claim if the matter ends up going before a court or tribunal.


If someone has said or written something about you that has defamed you, litigation lawyers in Melbourne can help with your case. Your litigation lawyer will find evidence to prove that these actions or words, said by another party, have negatively impacted your reputation or caused you loss. On the other side of this, if you’ve been accused of making a defamatory statement, a litigation lawyer can help you with your defence to defamation claims. This includes truth or justification, fair comment or honest opinion, absolute privilege, qualified privilege and innocent dissemination.

Franchise Disputes

Litigations lawyers in Melbourne can additionally help individuals with disputes that may arise from franchise agreements. Although franchising relationships begin with many promises and hopes of wanting the franchise to succeed, disputes can arise from time to time. If the dispute cannot be resolved, a litigation lawyer can help mediate the disagreement to find a solution. This can involve factors like the payment of fees and royalties, adherence to the franchise system, and protection of intellectual property.

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