Never Handle Family Law without Legal Representation

Many spouses wonder whether or not they need a family law attorney for their divorce or other issues such as child custody, alimony, or child support. There is no law that legally requires you to bring a lawyer into this type of litigation, but you will be glad you hired one by the time you complete the process. Lawyers are a nearly indispensable asset during a tough legal battle of any kind, and can significantly increase the chances of a favourable outcome for your situation.

To answer your questions, it can only help to look at some of the bigger differences between cases in which parties represent themselves and cases in which they are represented by lawyers. The difference is almost always apparent, as those who choose to handle their case alone inevitably make a costly mistake or cause the process to stretch out much longer than necessary. A lawyer could very well be your best option to get out of this situation in as short amount of time as possible.

Prevent Bullying

Often the other party in a divorce will make outlandish claims, such as refusing your right to see and visit your own children. This is typically done out of frustration and is designed to intimidate you into making a mistake, but the law is far more complex than you and the other party might know. By contacting a family law firm in Yorkshire, you gain access to a trained professional who can fight for your rights and stop the other party from attempting to take things from you they have no legal right in taking.

In cases of domestic abuse or a party that is considered combative, you could hire a professional to help with filtering services. In short, the other party will only have contact with you indirectly through your attorney, rather than communicating with you in any direct capacity. This is a great way for you to significantly reduce the chances of any unpleasant interactions, and it will act as a buffer between the two of you.

The Documents

Filing for divorce and handling other aspects of family law can be difficult, especially in regards to the drafting, filing, and serving of documents. If you draft a document incorrectly or fill something out even technically wrong, it could invalidate the entire document and force you to start again. This could result in the judge exercising his or her right to disregard these documents from the case, which can cause great harm to your side of the argument moving forward.

Professional attorneys will provide you with a timeline that can be easily followed, and will also draft and file most documents without directly needing your help. This should allow you more time to focus on your own needs, such as arranging new income opportunities now that one spouse will no longer be adding their income to yours. No matter what you plan to get out of this divorce, your chances of getting them in the settlement are significantly increased with a professional on your side from the very beginning.

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Jovany Maxwell