Ramp up Your Beauty Care Regime

Has your beauty care regime failed to age with you and your changing lifestyle? Have you moved to a different climate but haven’t changed your skin care regime?  Take the advice from the beauty experts and ramp up your personal care regime. In a few weeks and a few simple steps you’ll regain your former glow!

Revisit your daily skin care steps.  Commit to moisturizing your skin after every shower or take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and select an in shower moisturizer from the variety available at Sephora.  Skin care experts recommend moisturizers specially designed for the delicate skin around the eyes.  Ensure that both your eye cream and full body lotions contain a high level of SFP.  The skin is the largest organ in the body and requires constant hydration.

Is your hair damaged from excessive coloring and the heat from blow dryers and hot irons?  Select an oil based conditioner and work into damp hair for at least thirty minutes to rejuvenate hair strands. Avoid the temptation to blow dry your hair every day; this can cause serious damage. Regular visits to your salon stylist will also serve to keep your hair healthy.

Are you still applying the same makeup with the same products you used ten years ago?  Ramp up your look or tone it down. Make an appointment with a makeup artist at a department store and learn the new tricks of the trade with makeup. Accenting your best features is the goal of makeup application. Today’s styles trend towards less makeup. Lighten up your daytime look by limiting eyeliner and strong eye shadow colors. A light lip gloss and styled eyebrows show be sufficient for a flattering day time look.

Take advantage of the new trends and products and determine what best suits your features, lifestyle and budget.  Many new foundation products are available that offer full coverage but lack yesterday’s cakey appearance. Keeping it natural is the trend set by today’s makeup stylist. Best of luck to you with your new and healthier beauty care regime!

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Jovany Maxwell