Reasons Why You May Need an Experienced Employment Lawyer in Mississauga

An experienced employment lawyer can be an invaluable resource for helping with your legal troubles at work. With years of knowledge, experience, and connections to other lawyers, employment lawyers know exactly how to navigate the legal system and make sure that you’re protected as much as possible. But what are some reasons why you may need an experienced employment lawyer in Mississauga? Here are five of them.

1.   Wrongful Dismissal

If your employer in Mississauga has wrongfully dismissed you from your current position, you could be entitled to monetary compensation through a wrongful dismissal lawsuit. If your employer dismisses you without any notice and without following the correct procedures, there’s no guarantee that you’ll receive severance pay or even your final paycheque.

A lawyer experienced in employment law can ensure that you don’t suffer further losses. Your lawyer will also help ensure that you get what is rightfully yours by arguing on your behalf. The laws governing wrongful dismissal in Mississauga are complex, so it’s essential to seek legal counsel by searching for employment lawyer Mississauga immediately if you think you are a victim of wrongful dismissal.

2.   Severance Package Disagreements

According to a study by The Conference Board of Canada, 65 percent of Canadians believe that employers should offer severance packages when laying off employees. However, negotiations sometimes don’t go as planned, leading to disagreements, especially if you don’t have experience in employment law. A severance package is the reasonable amount of money employers should pay their employees upon termination from their job.

The severance package amount depends on years of service, salary, and other factors. A severance package is often one of the most critical parts of any layoff negotiation, so it’s essential to understand your rights. If you feel like your employer isn’t being fair or has violated your rights during a layoff negotiation, contact an experienced employment lawyer for help today. They will be able to guide you on how to proceed in your situation.

3.   Harassment and Discrimination

In Mississauga, Ontario, the law prohibits discrimination and harassment under The Human Rights Code. Under certain circumstances, employers are liable for these actions even if they are not directly involved.

To minimize your risk and strengthen your case should you need to pursue a complaint against an employer, you may want to hire an employment lawyer Mississauga to advise you on how best to handle these cases. Harassment and discrimination can cost you your job or cause irreparable damage to your reputation. An experienced employment lawyer will help you navigate through these situations with ease.

4.   Disability Issues in Employment

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, federal and provincial human rights codes prohibit discrimination based on physical or mental disability. An employer may not refuse to hire a person with a disability or harass them because of their disability. More specifically, an employer must make reasonable accommodations for a disabled employee.

For example, your business should accommodate such requirements if your employee has a disability that requires special equipment such as modified keyboards or access to alternate building entrances. Failure to do so could result in liability under human rights legislation. Contact an employment lawyer immediately if you feel that your employer has discriminated against you at work due to a disability.

5.   Constructive Dismissal

Courts may deem it a constructive dismissal when an employer makes working conditions so intolerable that workers have to quit. The reason it’s constructive is that you are unable to provide evidence of your employer directly firing you. If your employer in Mississauga has committed one of these acts, they break employment law and could be liable for damages.

A reliable employment lawyer Mississauga can help you determine if you have grounds for a claim. They will also guide you through each step of taking legal action, including filing complaints with government agencies and appearing in court on your behalf.


If you’re involved in a situation concerning your employment, it’s not something to try and handle. Do not delay! Get help now. If your employer is mistreating you at work, contact an employment lawyer to discover your rights and what you can do about them. Hiring an experienced employment lawyer will provide peace of mind that a professional is handling everything for you so that you can concentrate on getting better.

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