Top 5 Tips to Avoid Truck Accidents

Truck accidents are the leading cause of deaths on the roads. Every year, hundreds of truck drivers, other vehicle drivers, and pedestrians lose their lives on the roads due to truck-related accidents. Truck accidents are fatal and result in many casualties. Surprisingly, road users can minimize truck accidents if truckers, truck companies, and pedestrians observe road discipline.

Sometimes you can be involved in a truck accident and need to be compensated for the injuries. In this case, you will need to hire a truck accident attorney in Fort Wayne or within your state to improve your chances of winning your case in court.

Tips for avoiding truck accidents

1. Focus on the road

As a driver, you should maintain focus on the road and avoid unnecessary distractions that may lead to accidents. For instance, picking up your phone or calling someone while on a busy highway can divert your attention and increase your chances of causing an accident.

2. Avoid blind spots

Truck blind spots are very common. You should always drive carefully when approaching such blind spots. When driving in a private car, you can ensure you maintain 20 feet in front and 30 feet behind the truck to stay safe on the road. Before overtaking a truck, you must ensure the truck driver can see you on the side mirror, and you can see them on your side mirror.

3. Use your indicators well

Before overtaking a truck, it is essential to indicate where you want to turn. Provide clear signals so that the truck driver can predict where you want to turn. You can put on your signals earlier to enable the truck driver to give you space to overtake. Remember, most trucks are long and cannot negotiate a sudden turn.

4. Give the truck driver time and space

Maintain some distance between you and the truck. When you decide to overtake, you must ensure you give the signals to do so on time. Giving the truck driver plenty of time and space can help you reduce the risk of being injured by tire blowouts, rollovers from high winds, and avoid sliding down the truck when the driver takes sudden brakes.

Note that you should never overtake or pass a truck that is overturning. When you decide to pass, take your time to ensure you do it carefully and accurately.

5.  Move over for stopped trucks

Sometimes vehicles experience sudden breakdowns, and their drivers are forced to park them on the road. For a dual carriage road, you should ensure you move over to the other lane to avoid hitting a truck parked on the road. The driver may be standing in a more vulnerable position, and driving your car over can help you prevent a potential accident.


Truck accidents are frequent on the roads. To stay safe and avoid them, you need to stay focused on the road and follow the rules of the road. However, if you are involved in a truck accident, you can reach out to an experienced lawyer to help you with your truck accident claim.

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